About Me

I am Nicole Miller, MS, RD, LDN. I am mom to two beautiful boy’s (Thorben and Reidar) and wife to an amazing husband. I am also a friend who wants to help anyone struggling with healthy eating to find a more enjoyable way to live.

I am so passionate about Nutrition and Health because like many I have struggled on my path to overall health. During college, I was a competitive pole vaulter but finding a meal plan that kept me in top form (while on a college budget!) was challenging. So too was the fact that I was taking medicine for migraines that destroyed my body. I have struggled with fertility and hormone imbalances and am now a mom working focusing on nourishing my family. 

Through ALL of my challenges, I found my way back to health through nutrition, lifestyle management and stress reduction. By taking a close look at what I was feeling, doing, and NEEDING to do, I was able to design a plan to help me feel (and perform!)  my absolute best. Effective nutrition and self-care has been my life saver again and again.

Today I have made it my mission to help my clients to find the foods, habits and lifestyle that will nourish their unique bodies and needs. And since education is super important to me, I work with clients on understanding their needs so they have the tools to develop lifelong healthy nutritional habits.

What to expect

I work with you where you are at on your journey to nutritional wellness.

Whether you chose to stop by and read a blog or an Instagram post or get together with me on a weekly basis to plan healthful meals and snacks, I am on YOUR side!

Start here: I designed a quick quiz to help you gain some important insights into how you are eating and how your present nutrition is working for you!

Want to dive deeper? I offer a FREE 15 minute get-to-know-you call where we can do just that! We can get to know each other and talk about your health and nutrition needs and goals. (BOOK YOUR FREE DISCOVERY CALL NOW-BUTTON)

I’m Ready! I am SO excited for you! Click the link to book your Personalized Evaluation and Plan Consultation where I will help you achieve your nutrition related goals!