Nicole Miller is a sensitive and knowledgeable coach. She cares deeply about her clients and works really hard to understand their unique concerns and needs. She also makes learning about nutrition more manageable and offers a lot of useful information while being careful not to overwhelm. She really made me feel like I was her only client, giving me 100% of her care and attention. I'd recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat!"
- Leah M
With Nicole's experience and support I was able to set myself on a healthy and natural path to reaching the goals I set for myself. She provided advice and suggestions that I'll be able to use for the rest of my life. With just a few questions, Nicole was be able to create a custom-made nutritional plan that sent me on the fast track to reaching my goals and even better, she was there every step of the way to answer any questions I had!
- Bri F
Nicole has helped me tremendously. After having my son, she helped me lose the weight I had gained during pregnancy and some extra. She helped me learn how to eat right. She helped me plan my meals so I would stay on track, and tailored it to me since I'm breastfeeding my son so I wouldn't lose my milk supply. She also gave me some work out ideas to help me lose more weight and tone up. I feel amazing thanks to Nicole's help and guidance!
- Kayla
Nicole was that extra boost and extra wisdom that I needed to really help me reach my goals and see some results. Before I started using Nicole, I was extremely frustrated having tried to eat what I thought was healthy and what I thought would help me lose body fat, but not really seeing the results I desired. I knew I was missing something, and that something was Nicole! Her knowledge and understanding of my daily meal plan and how it can work for me was a game changer. She taught me the missing pieces that helped me body release body fat without hindering my energy and performance at the gym. Her diet plan and help actually helped my performance. I learned about carb-cycling, the effects sugar has on my body, nutrient timing and macro balancing, and the benefits of water, and much more! And it was so convenient to learn all of this and be coached virtually from my home! Her positivity helped me over any frustrations I might have experienced and she inspired me each week to keep it up! I loved her personal approach, she wanted to help me as an individual, and help me find what works for me (and not just everybody). I couldn't recommend Nicole more! She is awesome!
- Miriam VanderLinden
I have been working with Nicole since January 2nd and have lost 10 pounds so far. My goal is 20 pounds over 4 months. I am doing this by following her directions and making clean and healthy choices. I am doing some form of exercise for 30-60 minutes at least 3 days a week, sometimes it is just a nice brisk walk. I am choosing Organic products as much as possible, and avoiding processed foods. With her helpful recipes and support I know I will succeed!
- Kristin
Nicole has been everything I needed since I’ve started this fitness journey. A motivator, a supporter, a guide and a teacher . She has helped me in ways beyond nutrition. She is very detailed, well educated and passionate in nutrition. She is everything I could ever ask for in a Nutritionist.
- EJ Johnson