Why Diets Don’t Actually Work

This probably seems like a silly subject for a nutritionist to be writing about but it is true, diets DON’T work! There are so many diets out there and people will try them over and over again. There is the Keto, Atkins diet, Paleo, Weight watches, South Beach diet, Raw food diet, and so many more. Not to mention the companies claiming that taking their product will help you shed 10lbs instantly!

You may look at the commercials, social media, etc. and say “Wow that person lost all that weight by just eating this way, I can do that!” Well it’s not always that easy. Sure, there are cases where you make a drastic change to your diet you can see pretty quick results, but most of it initially is just water weight you are shedding. Theses diets also may get you to your goal of losing 10lbs or more but are you able to maintain them without yo-yoing back? Most of the time that’s not the case.

So why don’t diets work? The answer is rather simple. They don’t fit you. In order to have a perfect diet plan, and let me clarify, it will never be perfect, you need to program it around each individual. You need to understand the goals, wants, needs, genetics, biology, environmental factors, work, family, individual temptation, and so much more.

It is also about making a lifestyle change not just going on a temporary diet. AND IF I MAY ADD YOU ALSO WANT TO INCLUDE SOME FOOD FREEDOM!!!

This is the plan where you will develop life-long habits, enjoyment, and control over your health and weight. Hungry yet? I sure am!!

So before you jump on the most popular diet trend let’s make sure it is right for you!

We can take your lifestyle and mold a diet that is going to fit in to it long term.

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